WORDS into WORDS is the newest word game on the planet> Now available on Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPad.


WORDS into WORDS is a word game that will challenge your language, vocabulary and deductive skills. On the game board you are presented with a sentence with two missing words made up of empty slots. The letters for the missing words are scrambled at the bottom of the board. Clues to the missing words are provided by the scrambled letters and the sentence itself. Also the letters for each word are exactly the same. So, each word is an anagram of the other and will provide an additional clue to the other word. Points are earned for each letter that is placed in the correct slot. There is a hint button that will send one letter at a time to its correct position in the first word. Points are deducted for using the hint button and also for placing a letter in a wrong slot. The puzzles range from very easy to very difficult.


Another skill that can be developed with WORDS into WORDS is recall. The puzzles are chosen randomly and will appear more than once. So, say you solve a puzzle as time runs out and aren't able to complete it. When it comes up again recall the solution and you can quickly solve it. Also, recall a repeated puzzle that you solved once before and earn extra points by solving it in a quicker time.


Because the sentences have to be made up according to words with the same letters, words that don't necessarily have a coherent connection, the sentences can be rather bizarre, which is part of the fun of Words into Words. Click on this link from your iPhone or IPad  WORDS into WORDS